Good News and Bad News

Mommy gave me some good news and some bad news. We’ll start with the bad news. The bad news is mommy has to sell my cage because it is too big to take to the place with the white stuff. That means I’ll have to live in my bunny hotel (it’s collapsible). Just in case anybun has forgotten how heinous my bunny hotel is, let me remind you:

I’ll have to be living in this. Mommy said that I will get an excess amount of playtime so that I won’t feel all claustrophobic. But, still….I’ll have to be in it overnight.

Here’s the good news. You know how sometimes you hear something so good, you don’t want to say it outloud for fear that you’ll jinx it? Well, here goes. Mommy said when we get to the place with the white stuff, I will have my own area. Mommy has a 10′ diameter doggy enclosure, and she said that will become my home. I’ll get a litter box, and I’ll have more room for toys. No more cage living for me! I just…..I can’t even process this! If I’m getting my own area, then I will happily, happily, live in my bunny hotel for 6 weeks. Of course I say that now, when it’s actually happening, I’ll probaby be pretty pissed.

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1 Response to Good News and Bad News

  1. the bunns says:

    Keep the faith – it WILL happen! Minnesota is kind to rabbits and the home of Queen Cinnamon.

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