got stuff?

I got stuff!! Mommy bought me some toys and things for my area. First of all, there’s the new bigger litter box and my brand new plastic bunny ring that I get to throw around.

Pardon the dark pictures; it was nighttime when mommy took these

I’ve also got a couple of things that are hanging from the wire frame surrounding my area that I get to play with and make noise with.

And, mommy cut out a box for me.

Oh, and I just wanted to put this one in. It’s me doing a flying leap into my litter box, just to prove that I was never too small for it, like SOME human that I know thought I was.


Mommy also got me a throne. I was so happy and ready to make it mine! So, of course, I peed on it. I don’t want any other bunny to get it. So, mommy said I can’t have it until I learn to pee in the litter box. Fine by me, the litter box in now my throne. I still pee on the floor. I don’t care.

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8 Responses to got stuff?

  1. Lisa says:

    WOW!!! Sweet place you got there, A-E! We both pee on any throne (or any soft thing, really, blankets, clothes, pillows…). It’s a weird compulsion.

    We forgot to mention before, but Tamsin has some good homemade toy ideas here:
    We are particularly fond of her toilet paper roll/hay concoctions. Anything that you can play with and also eat is GOOD!

    Enjoy your sweet pad!

  2. SixBunnies says:

    Oh, and Mr. Cooper wanted to add that if you wait until your mom is asleep and then start chewing the edges around the door of your box, she will get up and pay attention to you … you migh lose the box for the night, but hey … you got her to come see about you. 🙂

  3. SixBunnies says:

    Jamal said to tell you he pees wherever he wants to also … and sleeps in his litter box … you go girl …

  4. Karen M says:

    Not only do you have stuff, but you have SPUNK! But don’t you think that litterbox needs more hay? There might not be enough to choose the best pieces from. Have you been on top of the box yet?

    • I agree, a litterbox without hay is like a day without your papaya tablet. I mean a day without sunshine. Something like that.

      Also, A-E, the best time of day to hop onto the box would be while your Mom is trying to go to sleep. Hop up there in the dark and make some scrambling noises. When she comes out to check on you and turns the light on, you’ll just look back at her like “What?”

      We only saw Jessica do that once or twice, but I have no doubt she got up to that kind of hijinks all the time when we weren’t looking.

  5. Silly Abby, you’re not supposed to pee on thrones–that just gives the humans an excuse to wash them. I have a bunny ring like that somewhere, I just have to dig it up. Mum had a bunch of my toys stashed in my meditation room, so now I’m working on sorting them out. Have fun with your new stuff!

  6. Yay, toys! Jessie had that exact same hanging thing with the bell and the colored wood. I confess that she never actually played with it, but made great use of the bell to call for service (and as part of her “breakfast is late, why are you guys still asleep” routine on weekend mornings). Annoy the ever-loving crap out of your Mommy with that bell in memory of Jess, honey.

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