Never Forget

I wasn’t alive when this happened. But, mommy’s talked about it, and I’ve seen pictures of it. It’s amazing to me sometimes how such resiliency and strength can exist in the human spirit. Because, I think the important thing to remember is not what they did (I mean we all know that there are truly evil humans in the world), but what we did; that we helped each other; we perservered; they couldn’t bring us down.

I think we should also remember all those touched by that day. Whether they lost their lives, gave their lives, barely escaped with their lives, or even worse, lost someone else.

Mommy’s told me her 9/11 story. What’s yours?

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2 Responses to Never Forget

  1. Karen M says:

    Abigail Emily, you are a wise bunny. Jodi is right, humans could learn a lot from bunnies.

    In August 2001, we were visiting NY relatives, and went to Ellis Island. I have a picture of the kids, with the Twin Towers in the background. They wanted to see them, but that would have made the day too long for the youngest. We said :Next time, we’ll visit them”. Who could imagine such solid structures could crumble so easily? I guess what I’m saying is something bunnies seem to know inherently. Live for now, don’t leave things until it is too late. Especially when it comes to love.

  2. Jodi (SixBunnies) says:

    The bunnies at my house all said that hoomins will never learn to get along… They think we need to take a nap in our litterboxes and have some parsley … That should put us all in a better mood.

    AE, I am sad that hoomins can be so cruel … it’s in our nature unfortunately. We need you sweet souls to remind us of the importance of life.

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