Human Appreciation

My mommy gets on my nerves sometimes. She often talks to me in some kind of “bunny speech” or “bunnyese.” Like, yesterday, she said something was horrible, but she actually said “horriboo.” Or if I’m cute while eating my food, I’m “cue” when I “ea” my “foo.” This morning as she was feeding me, she said that I “nee foo.” *insert eye roll*

So, yeah, it’s easy to get annoyed. Add the fact that I was taken at such a young age from my birth mother; I’m kept in a cage all day while she’s at work; it’s understandable how I can be frustrated with her. But, because I love my mommy, I want to be grateful for what she does for me.

So, I was talking to a bunny friend of mine, and she said to me, “Abigail, you have malocclusion. [my birth mother] Butterscotch would not have been able to fix it. You would have died before you reached adulthood. Only a human can fix it. You are ALIVE today because of humans.” And, while many humans wouldn’t take the time to fix my teeth (or as mommy says, “toofs”), there are humans out there that really want what is best for me, and this situation – with my mommy – is truly what it best for me. I don’t have to do anything in return, but be myself. That’s all I have to do – be me – and it’s good enough.

And, I appreciate it.

What do you appreciate about your humans?

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